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2012 Soil Health Conference

The Vertiquake machine rolls over an area of poor turf quality, and demonstrates how the use of ground penetrating blades, the soil can be amended while barely disturbing the surface. Photo courtesy of <a href="" target="_blank"></dt><dd class="wp-caption-dd">Rutgers University</a>.

In May of 2012 over 200 environmental professionals gathered at Ocean County College in Toms River, NJ for the Soil Health Conference: “Sustainable Opportunities through Soil”.  Attendees, who included environmental policy makers, land care professionals, scientists, professors and interested public had the opportunity to hear from a wide variety of speakers, including Dr. Elaine Ingham, Chief Soil Scientist of the Rodale Institute, and life-long soil health advocate.  Several topics were highlighted, and workshops revolved around the themes of Stormwater runoff, Quality and Quantity of Surface and Groundwater and Soil Health in the Landscape. Attendees also had the opportunity to see demonstrations of soil amending tools such as the VertiQuake, the Amoozemeter and a penetrometer.

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A complete list of links for all presentations at the Soil Conference can be found below.

S.o.S. Sustainable Opportunities through Soil- May 30, 2012 Presentations

Key Note 1

Dr. Elaine Ingham
Soil Biologist and Chief Scientist at Rodale Institute
What Goes on Underground? Soil is a Functioning Ecosystem! A Healthy Soil is a Living Soil!

Key Note 2

Dr. Stuart Schwartz
Senior Research Scientist at the University of Maryland Center for Urban Research and Education
“Returning to our Roots”


Track A: Stormwater

Moderator: Dr. Stuart Schwartz
Facilitator & Recorder: Kyra Hoffmann, NJDEP, Supervising Environmental Specialist

 Tony DiLodovico
Environmental Consultant
 Benefits of Implementing a Soil Management/LID Plan

Chris Smith Retired NRCS Soil Scientist

Dave McKeon and Vicki Peccholi Ocean County Planning

Soil Restoration: What we have learned.

Track B: Surface and Groundwater- Quality and Quantity

Moderator: Dr. Richard Shaw
Facilitator & Recorder: Titus Magnanao, NJDEP, Environmental Specialist III

Marilyn Mroz
Soil Scientist and P.E.
Planning for Rain – Looking at the Whole Landscape and Assessing the Function of Soil

Timothy Reilly
Research Hydrologist: US Geological Survey Toxic Substances Hydrology Program
Why Soil Health Matters to…Recharge Quantity and Quality

Track C: Soil Health in the Landscape

Moderator: Dr. Elaine Ingham

Facilitator & Recorder: Kerry Kirk Pflugh, Manager, NJDEP
Public Participation & Stakeholder Involvement Office of Constituent Services

Salvatore Mangiafico
Resource Management Agent, Rutgers Cooperative Extension of Salem County
Soil Health Practices in the Landscape

Dr. Jim Murphy Extension Specialist, Rutgers Turf Management

Dr. Stephanie Murphy Laboratory Support Specialist, Rutgers Soil Lab
The Grass Grows Greener when Planted in Healthy Soil: Part 1
The Grass Grows Greener when Planted in Healthy Soil: Part 2

Plenary Speaker

Dr. Richard Shaw
State Soil Scientist, NJ NRCS
Use Dependent Soil Properties: Results from Some Studies in NJ & NYC

Next Steps

Fred Bowers
Princeton Soil Institute
What is a Healthy Sustainable Soil in New Jersey?

2012 Soil Health Conference Sponsors

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