Stormwater Runoff shows Poor Erosion Control

Soil Erosion Control

When  building, amending, or altering property in any way, soil erosion control is an extremely important practice that can improve land investments in various ways.  Not only is soil erosion control important to maintain the health of local and global waterways, the proper control can sustain and improve crop yields, reduce drainage costs, retain nutrients when applied and reduce hazards of eroding soil.  The Ocean County Soil Conservation District strives to uphold the standards developed by the NJDA-State Soil Conservation Committee through the Soil Erosion and Sediment Control Act published by the NJ Association of Conservation Districts.  These standards provide guidance to insure that soil, water and related natural resources are managed during development in a manner that prevents or minimizes soil loss and related environmental damage.  These Standards provide the technical basis for the control of soil erosion and sedimentation and for the certification of such plans by soil conservation districts as required by the above-mentioned Act.

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